The "Story of"
History Series

A K-8 seven-volume multimedia curriculum that tells the story of humanity
from the Ancients to the modern world, through a Catholic lens.

Curriculum Highlights




Grade Level


Elementary (Grades 1-4)

Middle (Grades 5-8)


The Ancient World

The Medieval World

The Making of the Modern World

The History of the United States

Story of the Bible: The Old Testament

Story of the Bible: The New Testament

Story of the Church: From Pentecost to Modern Times

The Story of Humanity Through a
Catholic Lens

In the "Story Of" History Series, Phillip Campbell brings history to life for young readers and retells the greatest stories from our past through the faithful prism of the Church. This seven-volume curriculum uses a schoolhouse model, which allows multiple children of different ages to learn simultaneously.

Story of Civilization, Volumes 1-4 reflects a new emphasis in presenting the history of the world as a thrilling and compelling narrative. Within each chapter, children will encounter short stories that place them directly in the shoes of historical figures, both famous and ordinary, as they live through legendary battles and invasions, philosophical debates, the construction of architectural wonders, the discovery of new inventions and sciences, and the exploration of the world.

Also part of the series are Story of the Bible and Story of the Church. In The Story of the Bible, young readers will discover not only the sanctity and wisdom, but the excitement of the stories and events that shaped human history and brought about our salvation.

In Story of the Church, author Phillip Campbell takes children on a journey through Church history, beginning at Pentecost when Peter and the other apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and preached in the streets of Jerusalem, all the way through the pontificate of John Paul II and into modern times. The Story of Civilization line brings the narrative to life for young readers, taking them back in time and awakening a love and appreciation for history.

Each Volume Includes