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Benefits of Enrolling in TAN Academy

  • 40% off Curriculum

    Enjoy a discount for all materials that we publish for your enrolled student.

  • Unlimited Academic Coaching

    Unsure how to teach a lesson? Have a child with different abilities? Wondering which materials you actually need? Our academic coaches are veteran homeschooling moms that know all of the best tips and tricks from first-hand experience. The best part? They're available to you as often as you need.

  • 20% off Belmont Abbey College's Schola Summer Program

    Schola is a week-long summer program for high school students to read classic works of philosophy and literature, engage in group discussions with Honors College faculty, and experience the local culture and recreation of Charlotte, NC.

  • Exclusive Video Series: Everything You Need to Start Homeschooling

    Because we truly believe that every family deserves the option of incorporating home education into their family, we've created a video series, "Everything You Need to Start Homeschooling." Led by veteran homeschooling parents, this groundbreaking series truly prepares parents to transition to homeschooling smoothly and to do it confidently.

  • Exclusive Weekly Emails: Mom's Secret Weapon

    Some days, you need a break. Whether it's due to morning sickness, taking care of younger children, or for any other reason. Enter Mom's Secret Weapon, our weekly email series that includes multiple educational activities related to TAN Academy curriculum that do the tough work and planning for you, so that you can tend to whatever you need to while the kids continue with school.

  • Free Lesson Plans

    Beautifully designed lesson plans that include everything a student and parent needs (if you want to use them).

  • 20% off TAN Books

    Enjoy a discount on your favorite products from TAN Books, the publisher you can trust with your faith.

Whether used in a schoolhouse model or individual instruction, our program provides flexibility and support at an affordable price for families of all sizes. Steeped in the rich tradition of Holy Mother Church, TAN Academy strives to support a family culture of joy and lifelong learning.

Schedule a call with one of our academic coaches today to brainstorm about how TAN Academy can work for your family. Or, if you have another question, contact us.

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