Virgil’s Aeneid: The Founding of Nations in the Will of God

Taught by Henry Russell, Ph.D.

Why should a Catholic study Virgil? These ancient texts and the world view they represent are part of the pre-Christian era and so lack the revelation of Jesus Christ. However, because men of all times and places are made for God, all civilizations reveal the pursuit of truth and represent it in partial glimpses. Ancient Roman texts such as the Aeneid often transcend their time and even pave the way for the fullness of truth found in the Catholic faith.

This course explores those partial truths in the light of Christ, which allows us to deepen our understanding of the ancient world from which Western Civilization sprang. Not only are the core philosophies of this course Catholic, and the aim of its exploration aligned with the Faith and revelation, but Dr. Russell also begins every lecture in prayer. Through this ancient text, the course forms students in both mind and heart for a deeper love and appreciation of God’s promise of the Redeemer and his incarnation as man.

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