An Introduction to Economics

Taught by Hannah King, Ph.D..

It must not be supposed that the Church so concentrates her energies on caring for souls as to overlook things which pertain to mortal and earthly life.   ~Pope St. Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, no. 42

TAN Academy introduces a 32-part introductory lecture series on economics for high schoolers. These lectures, taught by Dr. Hannah Kling, cover the basic tenets of economic principles and financial literacy in order to inform the choices of the students as they grow. In addition, this one-semester course provides foundational knowledge of personal finance, which will reap dividends in adult life. It is perfect for anyone who will live in the world but not of it,teaching not only the fundamentals of how a capitalist-based system works but also how to use money wisely as individuals.

Integrated with TAN Academy’s 12th Grade Economics Lesson Plan. This Video Lecture Series is part of TAN Academy’s 12th Grade curriculum but can be used in any high school grade.

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