Declaration Statesmanship: A Course in American Government

Taught by Ricard Ferrier, Ph.D.

Declaration Statesmanship is a one of a kind American Government high school course. It unites history, philosophy, and civics in a dynamic blend of narrative and argument. The authors of the course continually endeavor to match the thoughtfulness and elegance of the multiplicity of original sources and fundamental texts found in this course which were pivotal in the founding of the nation.

Declaration Statesmanship has been designed as a one semester course in American Government for high school students. The program is made up of 4 different components which give students everything they need. The components are a Coursebook, a Reading Book, a Teacher’s Manual, and a Video Lecture Series. The 14 part Video Lecture Series of 30 minute lectures accompanies the coursebook chapters. These classroom style lectures dig into the original texts and documents from the course providing additional insights and expounding upon important points and themes.

This course is the perfect tool to inform future generations of their rights, duties and responsibilities as American citizens living in the civic state that is the American Government.

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