History: The Early Church & Medieval Times

Taught by Kathleen Lewis

Join TAN Academy’s journey through salvation history to better understand Christ and our own place in his plan!

TAN Academy presents a 31- part history lecture series on The Early Church and Medieval times (33 A.D. – 1309 A.D.) for the middle school level following The Old World and America and The Story of the Church. Kathleen Lewis engages middle school students in the exciting story of the Church during its early years through the flowering of Christendom. She describes both the historical events and figures as well as the role the Catholic Church played, or its response to, the pivotal moments of early modern and modern history. 

Integrated with TAN Academy 7th Grade Lesson Plan. This Video Lecture Series is part of TAN Academy’s 7th Grade curriculum but can be used in any middle school grade.

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